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About us

In The Sand Golf was created by Mary Whitworth, a pilot, who loves playing golf as much as she does flying ( After taking over 500,000 aerial photos for almost 28 years and logging over 10,000 hours in Helicopters and Airplanes, she has taken her talent one step higher (pardon the pun).

While flying over golf courses in Florida, she noticed some of the golf course sand traps were shaped liked letters of the alphabet. In need of a clever gift for her husband, Mary began to look for sand trap letters to spell his name, Bruce. After finding the letters to spell "Bruce" Mary was inspired. For one year, on every flight, she captured the entire alphabet with photos of golf course sand traps. Some of the traps have rakes, golf carts and golfers in and around them. Spelling golfers names, words and sayings, she has launched a new business creating mugs, gift sets, prints, coasters and more! Each gift is customizable and perfect for any occasion!